Friday, December 22, 2006

More wristbands with Lisa, Sevag, Nayra and Ava

My friend Lisa from school got a wristband and I think that she is cool! I don't have a picture of her here but if I could I would have a picture. Thank you Lisa for buying a wristband.

My friend Sevag and Nayra are cool too. They bought five wristband!!!!! This is Sevag's picture (left), I don't have a picture of Nayra but I wish I had one. Sevag and Nayra are both great soccer players and they both got their first trophies. Thank you for buying five wristbands and helping me help sick people - the money could really help save someones life. Thanks for being my friends.

My cousin Ava (below) bought five wristbands!!!!! I think Ava is cool. We went to see Happy Feet together it was great and it was funny. There were penguins and leopard seals and elephant seals, there are no penguins or seals on Kilimanjaro even though there is snow and ice. But there is snow.

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