Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jane Goodall

I met Jane Goodall at breakfast today at her hotel with my friends Tommy and Hrag and their dads. She said I hope you have good luck on Kilimanjaro and I hope you climb it. She wrote in my book, “Together we can change the world.” It would be awesome if we could change the world...

Jane Goodall was very happy about her wristbands. I think we will help her save people and animals around the world.

Dr. Goodall looks just like her photos in her books. She gave me hugs and she loves chimpanzees and other animals. She gave me advice about climbing the volcano, “if you train a lot and you can’t handle the altitude you won’t make it to the top. A young boy might not make it, but an old lady might because of the altitude.”

She signed a book for my teacher Mrs. Arul in science lab. She also signed books for my school, my friends and me.

I got lots of information on what she’s doing

She told me that I can’t go to Gombe and see the chimpanzees until I’m 12 or older because they are five-times stronger than us and they could hurt someone younger than 12-years old very badly.

She showed me Mr. H, her stuffed chimpanzee. It was sooo cute. I really want to get one, if my dad will order one for me.

The Vice President of the Jane Goodall Institute, Mary, was real happy about getting wristbands and helping us with Climb A Volcano. Stephen, from Washington DC really liked his wristbands and we enjoyed talking to him and to Mary.

We’ve still got lots of work to do and in December, when we climb the mountain we’re going to be happy. Are you going to be happy by helping us help children at schools to get lunches and by helping animals with Jane Goodall?

PS When Mary told Tommy's dad, Arnie, that chimpanzees are five-times as strong as he is, he said, "You haven't seen me with my shirt off." And if we're lucky we'll never see Tommy's dad with his shirt off.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kids Of Kilimanjaro

We're starting to work with Kids of Kilimanjaro and they are going to be one of our charities and I think they'll work with us really well.

They feed kids lunches at schools in Tanzania in Africa. Most of the kids can't afford lunches, so Kids of Kili gets them lunches so they can go to school AND eat. Because if you didn't have a lunch, you couldn't go to school.

And their logo looks awesome.