Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Videos Added

We added two new video links to the web today. If you didn't see them, here they are:

How NOT to recruit for our expedition: Video

National Geographic on Kilimanjaro: Video

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Books

These are some new books I got that I realy like and they are about planning expeditions. These are important for the climb. We are working very hard to prepare for Kilimanjaro. These are really helpful to me for Climb A Volcano, there are tips about what to carry and how to be safe. I like these books because they have really cool pictures and my Dad's going to do the reading because there are some words I don't know.

LA Frite

La Frite was fun I had lots of good food and I really liked the hamburger and especially I liked the ice cream I had. I made a new friend, she is named Nickie and I like her. Nickie introduced me to some people I didn't know and they were really excited about Climb A Volcano. Nickie's little boy has the same middle name as I do. That is pretty cool. Maybe I'll meet him one day.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Christmas reading

I really like this Kilimanjaro book. It really has lots of beautiful pictures and it is really big. I got it for Christmas. I like it. I especially like the elephants on the back. I also got lots of maps of Tanzania and Kilimanjaro.

I like the animals. We are going to see the animals while we are in Africa.

We are especially going to see the giraffes because we are going to try and stay at Girrafe Manor. Here is a picture of it. The giraffes stick their heads through the windows when it is breakfast time. I don't know if they try to eat off your your plates - I would just move it away wouldn't you? I think they eat something different anyway.