Monday, December 11, 2006

Look At Tommy's Wrist!!!

This is my friend Tommy and he is good at soccer and he has a wristband. This is him in his soccer uniform and I am on his team. Our team name is the Red Dragons. Tommy's dad is helping me with Climb A Volcano. Isn't it cool that our wristbands are red with white writing and our sign is white with red writing. Tommy is wearing his wristband in the picture.

Jennifer from Friends of The Global Fight talked to my dad on the phone and she is going to get us somebody to talk to in Geneva. That's in Switzerland.

A couple of my friends, Charlie and Dillon, like to go on the computer at school and we go on the website to Storybook Weaver and make pictures of Kilimanjaro. At school Dillon and Charlie say going to Africa is "going to be so cool!"

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