Thursday, October 25, 2007

Street Fair Delivers The Donations

We haven't had a chance to thank everyone who helped but here's a start:

Thanks to Rick and Justin; Holly, Parker and Grace; Rich; Dennis; Brian and Jack; George and Hrag; Vic, Sandra, Sevag and Nyra; Seth, Marcia, Michael and Katie; Geoff; Kira, Tom and Ava; and we will add more names in a day or so.

You can't see the top of the tent but we were flying the Tanzanian flag - thanks to Rick it looked very cool.

Here are some pics from the fair:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keats!

Today I interviewed your father at Schiphol Airport and he told me about your big plan! Being involved in several charity programs in Africa, I was very impressed by the spirit of such a young boy, wanting to climb mount Kilimanjaro and doing that for charity! That is so wonderful of you!

Last year I've been in Tanzania myself, I've seen the Kilimanjaro and I imagined how hard it must be to reach the top of the mountain. Therefore it's extra special that you as a seven year old are convinced that you can do it! And if you're will reach it! :)

From The Netherlands I want to wish you good luck. Safari mzima, as they would say in Tanzania. Safe journey. I'm looking forward to hear about you on all the news channels in the world! :)